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Since 1995 we have been living in a world of new technologies: from when the internet was just an information container, to today, where mobile and web have increasingly become key assets for businesses.

Our aim is to help your company to grow, using web and mobile technologies together with a lean approach to create new opportunities linked to strategic processes within your organisation.

Over the years we have been able to grow, thanks to collaboration, to choosing the right companies to work with, and to our spirit of continued improvement. The value we can bring is what drives every project, aiming to offer solutions calibrated to the needs of the users they will be serving.

Today we are a community formed by clients, collaborators, and partners. People who are able to support organisations during their growth, and not just from a technological viewpoint but also in terms of business and organisation.

Open Governance

We have been using open governance in the company since 2014. There are different open governance models in existence and we have co-created ours with Cocoon Projects, inspired by LiquidO™. This allows each of us to take or take part in decisions at any level, without having to make these decisions all together.


  • Stefania Ceccacci

    coding to improve

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  • Lorenzo Pomili

    coding to math

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  • Antonio Dell'Ava

    coding to create

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  • Ramona Vesprini

    coding to design

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  • Daniele Luconi

    coding to rock

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  • Giorgio Mandolini

    coding to make

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  • Alessandro Violini

    coding to work out

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  • Silvia Morresi

    coding to evolve

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  • Francesco Strazzullo

    coding to enjoy

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  • Lorenzo Massacci

    coding to build

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  • Michele Focanti

    coding to feel good

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  • Michele Luconi

    coding to disrupt

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  • Mattia Filippo De Luca

    coding to interface

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  • Saverio Tosi

    coding to discover

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