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The projects we work on come from clients' needs, from their business ideas and their need to renew internal organisation and incentivise change.

Our chief aim is to identify and deliver the value that allows an organisation to grow, co-creating the right solution for each operating context.

Our method embraces lean concepts and agile methods, which guide us from our first meeting with the client through to the conclusion of the contract. It avoids taking crucial decisions at times of minimum project awareness and maximum uncertainty: the start.

It also creates awareness and confidence within the team, directing towards shared choices, based on evidence and firm results.

client goals,
user needs

product and service


At the start of a project, we make sure that the aim is clear to the whole team. This makes achieving it quicker and easier. At this initial meeting, together with the client’s team, we explore the vision, the business goals of the project and the application scenarios. This is to work together, towards a co-created solution involving all the knowhow required (domain, strategic, technological), as well as value driven, clearly identifying the “value to be delivered and to whom”, in order then to move on to the features of the project.

continuous collaboration with the client

The project is tailored to fit the needs of the client and the target users. This is why, as well as discovery, it is necessary to continuously communicate with the company’s decision-makers to develop relationships that will highlight market changes and user needs and therefore, the services to offer them.

iterative meetings held constantly over time

Continued contact with clients and users is needed to receive feedback and new inputs, anticipating critical aspects and managing change. We programme regularly spaced meetings – usually once a week – to validate the project delivered and to define areas that need to be dealt with. It is the client who manages this stage and dictate the direction that the project must take.

frequent and incremental deliveries

The project evolves quickly in small steps, which allows us to provide value on a continuous basis. The client has constant control of the project, which makes it easier for them to calibrate the next stage in its development. The first operational prototypes are ready for viewing in just a few days and they continue to grow and proceed towards the final aim and the actual needs of users.

response to change

Planning is necessary. To allow for change when necessary. Projects must not be conceived as written in stone; we change tack according to new priorities and to client and user needs that may even arise later in the day. We can still keep in line with the expected results.

"money back guarantee" contract

With our contract method we give clients the opportunity to have constant decision-making power for the project, instead of tying them to initial choices that may “force them” into outmoded application scenarios. And we offer the same opportunity to users, who can give us their feedback and have us adapt mobile or web solutions to suit them.
We can change direction, even midway during the job.



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